2016 Friendship Picnic September 25

The 4th Friendship Picnic and first one recognizing Welcoming America Week drew in excess of 2,000 people celebrating the diverse cultures and faiths of Montgomery County.  The entertainment ranged from the Zainab Girls singing the National Anthem to Capital Blues Ensemble, Bangladeshi Dance, Rabbi David Shneyer, Zumba and Calm Collective Indonesian Band.  Free food, face painting, carousel and train rides and exhibits including a fire truck, police, parks, recreation, voter registration and faith communities made for an informative as well as inspiring experience.  

The Faith Community Working Group booth featured Welcoming America cards and buttons together with a self-help guide identifying 8 things families and faith communities can do for welcoming refugees and immigrants.  The banner was featured on the main stage. Rev. “Kasey” Kaseman was wearing the Welcoming America t-shirt and addressed the audience regarding the Welcoming Week and the Global Conference in three weeks.  

It was a grand success with county officials, six county departments, our Office of Community Partnerships and many nonprofits and faith communities participating.

Thank you to our volunteers who helped to make this picnic a success!

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