2016 Strong Cities Global Network Summit

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The Montgomery County Model for creating social cohesion and public safety was among the best practices presented at a Global Summit by Rev. Kaseman.  In excess of 200 delegates from 39 countries met in Antayla,Turkey on May 11-12 in response to the growth of radicalization and the unprecedented migration of millions of refugees.  It was sponsored by the Strong Cities Network in collaboration with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.  It was highly informative for elected officials from 62 jurisdictions to learn of the role interfaith leaders play in partnership with elected and appointed officials in Montgomery County.  It was hard for some to believe we have leaders from Western and Eastern faith traditions on call 24/7 responding to acts of hate and violence, and we have trained and certified 43 to be working directly with the police, Office of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, DHHS and Fire and Rescue Services. Important work lies ahead and there are lessons to learn from others, but comparatively speaking we are very fortunate. Secretary of State, Sen John Kerry also sent remarks which you can view here

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