Candid Conversations

Montgomery County’s Faith Community Working Group’s program, “Candid Conversations on Race” was based on facilitated book or film discussion groups meeting in the fall & winter of 2019.

Participants learned how our racialized society affects all people. Multiple book groups and a film discussion group, located throughout the county, based on books chosen to raise awareness of racism and white privilege met 4-5 times in the Fall & Winter.



Updated list of groups, Candid Conversation on Race

Book/FilmDate & Time
Waking Up WhiteNov. 5, 4:30-6:30 PM
(First Tuesday Afternoons)
So You Want to Talk about RaceNov. 5, 6:45-9 PM
(First Tuesday Evenings)
So You Want to Talk about RaceNov. 13, 3-5 PM
(Second Wednesday Afternoons)
White FragilityNov. 13, 7-9 PM
(Second Wednesday Evenings)
Waking Up WhiteNov. 7, 3-5 PM
(First Thursday Afternoons)
Race – the Power of an Illusion Nov. 14, 6:45-9 PM
(Second Thursday Evenings)

Racial Equity

Creating a Racial Equity & Social Justice Policy

Racial Equity and Social Justice