Current Openings

Job Description
TITLE: INMC Executive Assistant
DEPT: Administration
EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Non-Exempt Hourly / 40 hours per week
REPORTS TO: IW Chief Operating Officer / County Interfaith Community Liaison
The Executive Assistant will provide administrative functions to the Interfaith Liaison of Montgomery
County and the Faith Community Advisory Council (FCAC), its working groups and committees. The
Faith Community Advisory Council, a part of the Montgomery County Office of Community Partnerships,
ensures that the County Executive is well informed of and able to act effectively in responding to the
needs and concerns of faith communities. It works collaboratively with government, nonprofits, and
community organizations in creating a more inclusive, equitable and compassionate community.
It is the responsibility of FCAC to advise the County Executive on the needs and concerns of faith
communities that worship and serve others in Montgomery County, including on land use issues, policy
initiatives, budget priorities, response to emergencies and acts of hate and violence, intervention and
prevention of violence, integration of immigrants, health care for all, and other partnership
opportunities. FCAC works to identify all faith communities worshipping and serving others in
Montgomery County to establish effective communication and encourage collaboration among
themselves, government offices, and human service agencies for the benefit of all.
The Executive Assistant will be considered an employee of Interfaith Works, and will be the key person
in the collaboration between Interfaith Works, the Interfaith Community Liaison for Montgomery
County and the FCAC. The Executive Assistant will have office space at the Administrative Headquarters
of Interfaith Works. He/she will report to the Interfaith Liaison for daily responsibilities and to the Chief
Operating Officer for adherence to IW office procedures.
Key Responsibilities:
 Plan external events and workshops.
 Maintain email lists and databases.
 Develop and maintain Interfaith Calendar in partnership with Montgomery County Libraries.
 Basic bookkeeping.
 Support fundraising activities.
 Maintain a common calendar relating to the work of the Faith Community Advisory Council, its
working groups and committees.
 Maintain a calendar/to-do list for internal scheduling purposes.
 Develop meeting agendas.
 Take minutes of Executive Committee, working groups and committees.
 Process income and expenditures, and forward to the Interfaith Works bookkeeper.
 Create newsletters, flyers, invitations, and other communication materials, as needed.
 Other tasks as assigned and time permits.

Required Skills
 Four year degree
 Proficiency with MS Word, Apple Pages, and other word processing programs.
 Proficiency with various social media platforms, such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and
 Proficiency Microsoft Office 365.
 Proficiency in the use of the WordPress platform to create, edit, update and maintain, the
website of the FCAC.
 Proficiency in the use of ConstantContact.
 Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
 Ability to work independently, collaboratively and with accountability
 Maintains confidentiality.
 Respects all faith traditions, ethnicities, races, genders and sexual identities.
 Proficiency in graphic design is desirable.
 Ability to work flexible hours is a must as evening and weekend hours are key components of
the job.
Compensation and Benefits
Competitive salary commensurate with qualifications.
Interfaith Works benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation and sick leave,
Life Insurance, Long Term Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, and 403(b)
retirement plan.
For consideration, please submit your resume and cover letter to To learn more
about Interfaith Works, please visit