Neighbors in Need Working Group

FCAC’s Neighbors in Need Working Group seeks to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable residents of Montgomery County by engaging and helping to empower faith communities, nonprofits, government officials, and entities in collaborative study, education, action and advocacy. It is through the collective faith and spiritual teachings that we affirm and advocate for funding, legislation, and social justice on such issues as poverty, hunger, healthcare, integration of immigrants, domestic violence, senior services, and human trafficking. Through educational programs we help create Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community, where justice prevails and everyone can reach their full human potential.


Working Group Committees

Hunger Relief Committee

Healthcare Committee

Working Group Members

Faiza Abi Jinadu
Bruce Adams
Tufail Ahmed
Nestor Alvarenga
Lynn Arndt
Shelvan Arunan
Pazit Aviv
Shahnaz Baten
Mark Bergel
Cynthia Bolton
Fran Brenneman
Sultan Chowdhury
Jackie Coyle
Alice Crawley
Luziomara Cruz
Jackie DeCarlo
Nana Dolce
Fatima Durrani
Mark Forsker
Priscella Fox-Morrell
Dwumah Frimpong
Ronnie Galvin
Barbara Goodwin
Althena Grey-Mckenzie
Mimi Hassanein
Julie Healtherly
Christine Hong
Amjad Humayun
Samira Hassein
Darlingston Johnson[/one_half]

Rev. Michael Johnson
Ann Kasper
Daniel Koroma
Rev. Kennedy Kwasi Odzafi
Rev. Dr. Gareth Murray
Ayanna Lewsey
Pierre Lewsey
Derek Longbrake
Jennifer Lotfi
Anwar Masood
Papa Mboup
Jameson McLaughlin
Marshall McNott
Mona Negm
Anj Palmo Johnson
Laura Peterson
Kari Parsons
Melanie Polk
Rev. Rosetta Robinson
Agnes Sainz
Ken Sandin
Steve Sawmelle
Leann Sherman
Jeffery Thames
Sovan Tun
Venerable Katugastota Uparatana
Claire Waggoner
Carol Walsh
Rev. Dr. Stacey Cole Wilson
Carrie Yearick