Children of the Dream

Children of the Dream was the theme for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Tribute at the Music Center at Strathmore. Invocations were offered by Yuraj Singh, Aviva Bechky and Ricardine Gray representing the Sikh, Jewish and Christian faiths. The County Executive, all Councilmembers, Chair of the MCPS Board, and Rep. Jamie Raskin addressed the assembly. Wisdom Alexander Martin and his son, Wisdom, served as emcees.

Inspiring entertainment was provided by the Strathmore Childfen’s Chorus, Dem’ Raider Boys, Ronnie Diamond Hoard, Story Tapestries, Akhmedova Ballet, Kelvin Dukes and the Dre3am Choir. Special credit is due the Commemorative Committee headed by Julian Norment, Martin Rookard and James Stowe.

It was an awesome celebration of Dr. King whose continuing legacy was evident in over 5,000 volunteers working in five community service sites throughout the day.

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