Doors, hearts and minds opened at the 12th Annual Unity Walk

The 12th Annual Unity Walk commemorating 9/11 drew over 900 people to the Washington Hebrew Congregation where Rabbi David Shneyer and several of his musical friends inspired those walking down Massachusetts Avenue visiting 10 houses of worship and the Indian and Vatican embassies. 

Our Faith Community Working Group and Interfaith Community Liaison promoted and were among the diversity of faiths, races and ethnicities greeting old and new friends.   It was important to remember the pain of 9/11, our fruitless efforts to prevent further violence and the need to be walking, praying and acting for peace today. 

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring is to be applauded for substituting morning worship with joining their larger interfaith community in the walk.  Special thanks is due the Interfaith Council of Metropolitian Washington for coordinating the walk and everyone who recognized its importance and opened their doors, their hearts and their minds. 

Concluding at the Islamic Center on the eve of Eid al-Adha with the Mosaic Chorus and interfaith voices reaffirming our solidarity as sisters and brothers was wonderful.  Remember you may enjoy the same spirit at our 4th Annual Friendship Picnic on Sunday, September 25, 1-5 pm at Wheaton Regional Park.

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