Flower Branch Apartments 3rd Anniversary Memorial Service

On August 9, 2019, the 3rd Anniversary Memorial Service for the victims of the Flower Branch Apartments solemnly honored the seven who died, and sought to comfort those who grieve and live with continuing trauma.  

A Celebration of Life
Photo Credit: Dave Asche

In the candlelight procession around the building replacing the destroyed one, Rev. Kaseman was joined by the woman who first saw the fire and warned others.  She said this was the first time she was able to walk around it.  This demonstrates why the power of community and such services are important.It was encouraging to see elected officials and partners who were present three years ago from DHHS, the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, nonprofit staff and volunteers, and faith leaders (our ESCV team of 1st responders were called up at 3:22 am that day).  

This is why we work collaboratively with government, nonprofits and interfaith leaders.  We’re stronger together, and demonstrating our love makes a difference.

All photos by Dave Asche
Owner, David Asche Photography, LLC
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