Guidelines For Respecting Religious Diversity

The Education committee of the FCAC is committed to promoting respect and appreciation for the religions, beliefs, and customs of our diverse student population. The U.S. Supreme Court has emphasized the importance of neutrality toward religion by public schools. Schools must protect religious liberty rights of all students while avoiding the public endorsement of any particular religion.

Students in the county  have a right to their religious beliefs and practices, free from discrimination, bullying, or harassment. The Education Committee is committed to working with the MCPS in making feasible and reasonable accommodations for students within our county to participate in those beliefs and practices.  In partnership with the MCPS, the Education Committee created The Guidelines for Respecting Religious Diversity. The publication was created to be a quick, easy-to-read reference regarding Board of Education policies and Montgomery County Public regulations–as well as state and federal laws–that guide the district on these important topics. You can download the guidelines below.

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