Montgomery Serves Awards

On April 23, 2018 our Interfaith Community Liaison, Rev. Mansfield “Kasey” Kaseman had the pleasure of presenting the Roscoe R. Nix Distinguished Community Service Award to Mr. Tufail Ahmad at the Montgomery Serves Awards. Below is a statement from Rev. Kaseman.
“My friend, Tufail Ahmad, is not exactly like the heroic Robin Hood, because he takes from his own people. He takes their money, hundreds of thousands of dollars; he takes food by the ton, clothing by the car load and organizes volunteers to give it away. He doesn’t care about their faith or ethnicity or race. His only criteria is do they need it?

Tufail Ahmad is also like Roscoe Nix. Regardless of the abuse, prejudicial comments and actions directed at his community, he always greets you with a smile, and an outstretched hand.

You quickly recognize this man is bright, focused and organized. He does not waste a lunch or even a phone call without asking you for something he knows you can deliver.

You want to deliver it because Tufail has the heart and soul of a Muslim. He is a merciful, compassionate and charitable man living out the tenants and spirit of his faith.

Subsequently it’s natural for him to be working with kindred spirits in all faith traditions and no faith tradition creating a more welcoming, inclusive, resilient, just and peaceful Montgomery County.

We will learn more about this remarkable Montgomery County hero viewing this video.”

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