Education Committee

Education Committee Portrait 4-19-16

The Education Committee of the Faith Community Working Group,  brings members of Montgomery County’s diverse faith communities together for understanding and respecting one another, and working collaboratively with Montgomery County Public Schools to enhance quality religious education, assure respect for all religious traditions and secure an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.  

 The committee has made great strides in their mission thus far. Some examples are

  1. The development of an Interfaith calendar for MCPS.
  2. The publication of the “Guidelines for respecting Religious diversity
  3. The creation of Parent Academies. – An ongoing series of workshops facilitated by the Education Committee and and the MCPS Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP) which gives parents helpful information about navigating the school system including tips on excused absences, how to communicate with teachers and counselors regarding their
  4. concerns, tips on how to deal with and report bullying, and a discussion on how to self-advocate within the MCPS school system.

The committee also had a very successful forum (view video here) on religious diversity that brought together members of the education and faith communities to discuss faith issues related to MCPS students.

Updates on FCWG Education Committee Meeting with MCPS Board of Education to ensure “Safe Learning Environment” Click A Safe Place to Learn for video

FCWG Education Committee members Dr. Harminder Kaur and Mrs. Lubna Ejaz, along with County Liaison Rev. Kaseman are engaged in a series of meetings with Associate Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Brice, Public Information Officer Derrick Turner, and Executive Director Denise Bracalilly Stultz, to discuss the best ways to connect with the families of MCPS who have concerns regarding the hate incidents and insecurity in the schools.  We have been reviewing how material can be more easily found on the MCPS website, public forums for a discussion of how to report incidents and the ways the schools respond, and Parent Academy programs on inter-group dialogue and how parents can support their students.

Committee Members

  • Christopher Murray (Chair)
  • Dr. Harminder Kaur
  • Mumin Barre
  • Fred Evans
  • Mimi Hassanein
  • Bishop Chris Mathews
  • Aman Shergill
  • Rita Khanna
  • Jonathan Rivera
  • Deeba Jafri
  • Sara Winkelman