Healthcare Committee

The Healthcare Committee, part of the Neighbors in Need Working Group, seeks to reaffirm the spiritual dimension of healing that will shift our focus from a disease- and profit-oriented system to a wellness system of prevention, health maintenance, patient-centered, and integrative healthcare. The committee endeavors to do this by learning as much as possible about the state of healthcare in Montgomery County in order to ensure that 100 percent of Montgomery County residents have access to healthcare.

By identify the key partners within government, nonprofits, and faith communities who share our mission, we create an atmosphere of collaboration that raises expectations and increases leverage for constructive change. Through educational and program opportunities we aid faith communities to become healthier and more effective advocates.

Committee Members

Mary Anderson – HHS Information Officer
Shelvan Arunan – Shady Grove Hospital Representative
Pazit Aviv – MC Village Coordinator
Beth Barnett – Co-Founder of Community Link
Kathleen Coleman – Adventist Coordinator for Health Ministry
Alisha Correll -Population Health Intern
Vince DeMarco – Healthcare for All
Nana Dolce – Outreach Coordinator Clifton Park Baptist Church
Mark Foraker – Past Director of Mercy Clinic
Priscella Fox-Morrell – Interfaith Works
Leslie Graham – President and CEO of Primary Care Coalition
Christina Hong – Managing Director of ACA Program and Homeless Service
Carmella Jones – Holy Cross Director of Faith Community Nurse Program
Ann Kasper – UU Church at Cedar Lane
Melody Kelemu – Primary Care Coalition Member
Stephanie Klapper – MD Health Care for All Coalition
Rev. Kennedy Kwasi Odzafi – Ewe Church of America
Tom Leitzer – Community Partnerships Manager for Johns Hopkins Healthcare
Rev. Louise Malbon-Reddix – Sugerloaf Mt. Christian Community Church & director of health
Brooke McCauley – Senior Manager MD Hunger Solutions
Marshall McNott – Neillsville Presbyterian Church
Mayur Mody – Guru Nanak Foundation of America
Mona Negm – MCC Senior Program
Kimberly Owusukoko – Gov. & Community Relations Specialist Holy Cross Hospital
Vinciya Pandian –Johns Hopkins and Southern Asia Seventh & Seven Day Adventist Church
Sandy Rector – Oak Chapel United Methodist Church
Dourakine Rosarion – County Government Member
Heather Ross – African American Health Program Manager
Agnes Saenz
Ken Sandin – Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockville
Laurie-Anne Sayles – NIH Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
Rabbi David Shneyer – Am Kolel and Sanctuary
Theresa Testoni – Governor’s Commission and Volunteering
Ben Turner – Primary Care Coalition
Claire Waggoner – President of KPC Temple
Nia Williams-Myles – Senior Nurse Case Manager for Smile Program