Intervention & Prevention of Violence Committee

As part of the Faith Community Working Group, members of the Intervention & Prevention of Violence Committee work to develop awareness within the broader faith community, local government, and law enforcement about the precursors to violent extremism and radicalization. The group is also committed to building the expertise to prevent violence through counseling, mentoring, and education.

Montgomery County Model

One outcome of FCWG and the committee’s work is development—along with the Montgomery County Police and the World Organization for Resource Development and Education—of the Montgomery County Model for intervening and preventing violent extremism. The model is rooted in educating the faith community about potential precursors to violent extremism, building awareness of identifying at-risk individuals, and developing intervention strategies to prevent violence through a broad collaboration among schools, the County Executive’s office, law enforcement officials, faith leaders, health and human services officials, and the emergency management team. This program has drawn national and international attention from agencies and governments interested in adopting a similar approach.