Responding to Tragedy in Silver Spring

The faith community has been responding to the deadly fire at the Long Branch Apartments in several ways.  In addition to our prayers, the Emotional Spiritual Care Volunteers have been caring for families in their shelter and leaders from several faith traditions helped plan and participated in the Prayer Vigil.  You may recognize some faces in the picture above and view a two minute video. Memorial services are being planned and care is being given to honor the faith and cultural traditions of every family.
Government, nonprofit and faith communities are working collaboratively to assure effective and trustworthy support for the victims.  Financial contributions are most important and they may be done online at Volunteers are needed and may sign up by clicking VOLUNTEER SIGN UP. As people of faith, we know our essential nature is love, and responding in love increases the love that unites, strengthens and keeps hope alive.
Salaam, Shalom, Namaste, Om Shanti, Satsriakal, Peace,

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