Reaffirmation of Jewish Solidarity Press Conference

In response to the bomb threats suffered by Jewish institutions, Montgomery County Executive, Ike Leggett, engaged the Faith Community Advisory Council (FCAC) to bring faith leaders to a press conference at the Jewish Community Center in Rockville. Elected officials including Senators Cardin and Van Hollen; Representatives Delaney and Raskin; County Executive, Ike Leggett and Council President, Roger Berliner, addressed the press and several hundred people. (County Executive Remarks Video)

The FCAC Executive Committee presented a Statement of Solidarity with Jewish Community Statement of Solidarity with Jewish Community that was read by Imam Faizul Khan and the Rev. Dr. Abhi Janamanchi. You may view the video of the presentations by Rev. Kaseman, Interfaith Community Liaison, and Rabbi Steinlauf, Director of Social Justice and Interfaith Initiatives for the Jewish Community Relations Council, Co-Chair of the Faith Community Working Group and member of the Executive Committee.

We condemned the horrific acts, acknowledged that today not only the Jewish community, but the Muslim and Latino communities are being scapegoated and all minority communities live in trauma. We said, “silence and inaction are not options” and expressed our love for our Jewish sisters and brothers and recommitted ourselves to stand in solidarity and work together in creating the more beloved community.


County Executive Remarks for Reaffirmation of Jewish Solidarity Press Conference

FCAC Statement of Solidarity with Jewish Community

Mymcmedia: Local leaders say ‘Hate must stop now’ amid recent threats toward faith-based organizations





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