Summit of Muslim Leaders

The presentations of our County Executive, Isiah Leggett; Chief of Police, Tom Manger; Director of DHHS, Uma Ahluwalia; and Associate Superintendent for Elementary Education, Dr. LaVerne Kimball demonstrated their commitment to meeting the needs and interests of the Muslim community.

Comments and questions were very helpful in confirming what is working well and clarifying where more attention by our County officials needs to be placed now.  The FCAC can assure that the Muslim Advocacy Group will be following up on this Summit and its Chair, Lubna Ejaz, will be pleased to have your participation in strengthening the voice of the Muslim community.

Thank you to our hosting mosque and INMC Founding Member, the Muslim Community Center.


One thought on “Summit of Muslim Leaders

  1. This sounds inclusive and hope is restored at least for our children.With that said, I thank our leaders in trying to bridge the gaps in our communities.

    Faith shouldn’t define our lives.

    Thanks to you all.

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