Terms of Use

Guidelines for Conversation

Representatives of all faith communities are expected to respect religious pluralism that is fundamental to creating “the beloved community” and making Montgomery County the most welcoming county in America.  It is by respecting the legitimacy of each faith community that we come to better understand one another and empower our common mission.

We support the right of all faith communities to share their message in the spirit of good will without demeaning or disparaging the philosophies, theologies, or practices of another faith community.  Communications on this website should not undermine another faith tradition, should safeguard each other’s freedom and dignity, and thus should advance interfaith relations.

Communications also must further the mission of the Faith Community Advisory Council. The mission of the Faith Community Advisory Council is to ensure that the County Executive is well informed of and able to act effectively in responding to the needs and concerns of faith communities, and to work collaboratively with government, non-profits and community organizations in creating a just, healthy, and beloved community. 

With this in mind, examples of appropriate communications may include, but are not limited to, promotion of events that help the local region/community without promoting a particular ideology, posts that educate faith leaders on local regulations, and posts that inform the faith community of a particular local community need. As such, posts that do not meet with these principles will be deemed off topic and rejected for publication on this website.