Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season

Dear Faithful Friends,

I’m truly grateful for the increasing companionship of people embracing everyone as a member of our human family and working together in ways that offer hope laced with thanks-giving.

  • I’m thinking of those leading and attending interfaith thanksgiving services throughout Montgomery County, and those volunteering to serve as many as 1,000 meals in a day to our hungry neighbors,
  • I’m thinking of those rallying in support of our Muslim friends observing Eid Al-Fitr, and the College Board honoring that by offering an alternative day for testing, and MCPS being closed. 
  • I’m thinking of those working on climate solutions, and those participating in “Candid Conversations on Race”, for facing their racism and achieving greater equity in Montgomery County.
  • I’m thinking of those introducing refugee families to our Thanksgiving holiday, and those on call for responding to acts of hate and violence, as well as all forms of emergencies. 

The list could go on and on thanks to increasing numbers of people reaching out beyond their comfort zones, crossing lines of differences, and discovering kindred spirits.  I am grateful for every one of you, and for your contribution to Montgomery County’s enhanced sense of community, security and resilience.

My greatest sense of gratitude, however, lies with the Holy One who goes by many names, and yet is beyond them all.  The One in whom we live, and move, and have our being.   The One who loves us unconditionally, has created us with a divine spark and called us to love one another as we love ourselves.

I encourage each of us to take some time during this Thanksgiving Season to be silent, to connect with the source of all life and love, and be grateful for the difference it makes in keeping us whole.  Facing the confusion, conflict and corruption of our time by ourselves can leave us fearful, numb and helpless.  Grounded in divine love, our hearts can be open to the needs and aspirations of our world. 

I give thanks for the company of all whose hearts are open, and whose faith in action offers hope and good reason for being thankful.



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